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Mortgage loan holders may purchase and own real estate without the assistance of a loan officer or mortgage broker. However, a good mortgage broker makes it easier & loan eligibility and terms are established by the mortgage lender.


Important things to understand for Mortgage Loans:

Standard Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loans: 

A loan with a fixed rate over the life of the loan. Often, however, rates fluctuate over time. This is the most mainstream loan option.

Mortgage Loans Amount: 

The total mortgage loan amount borrowed in the origination of the loan.

Standard Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM): 

A loan with an adjustable-rate typically for a set number of years. The rate fluctuates annually over the life of the loan. Adjustable Rate Mortgages can be a bit more challenging to qualify for, as lenders are required to adhere to fairly stringent guidelines regarding loan amounts, program features, and borrower credit.

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5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage: 

A loan with an adjustable-rate for the first 5 years but then (usually) adjusted annually. Rate and monthly payment are fixed for five years but then adjust annually.

3/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage: 

A loan range that follows the same trend but involves a 3-month preceding adjustment and annual adjustment.

Wrap Financing: 

The origination may include a lien on the property being purchased as security for the remaining loan amount with a double mortgage.

No Ratio Loans: 

We use popularly by lenders for No Ratio Loans. These types of home loan products are for applicants whose credit is low, making them ideally suited for an adjustable low-rate loan. They may also incorporate balloon payment and division of accrued interest and principal over the remaining loan term in order to lower the monthly required payments.

Mortgage Loans

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