Home prices in the Greater Vancouver housing market have increased dramatically. Typically we offer only 70% of the average sales price, but our competitive advantages give us the perfect home-buying solution in a fluctuating market. Contact us today for a full and detailed explanation of how we can help you with your Real Estate Investment Property (REI) refinance, new financing or a new mortgage.

Real Estate Investing

The increase in the prices of homes and residential units has created a positive factor for REI investors and home buyers. Home loans and home equity loans are very popular in the Vancouver area. In fact, high equity and loans, both home loans and credit lines are a trend today, as more homebuyers are choosing to teaser their home price values. Forget about affordability and forget about saving: many perceive homeownership as an investment.

Real Estate and other investment markets across the country today refer to the values and demand for residential property as higher. But in British Columbia, despite headwinds resulting from the economy, housing demand has continued to rise. Reinstating industrial jobs injured in the recession is one of the factors contributing to the housing boom. Although unemployment remains high, economic opportunities are helping people find employment.

Real estate investing

Real Estate Market in Vancouver

The Real Estate market in Vancouver and other areas of the province remain hot, even after the release of the Vancouver housing data on April 29, 2011. Although housing sales are far down from previous years, an up-trend in residential and commercial property sales seems to be emerging, supported mainly by shipping and air capacity, and an increase in rental rates.

Investors and lenders are preparing for a smaller number of new loans. But even with less demand for new loans, residential and commercial property values are still higher than they were before the recession. Even in today’s recession, homebuyers are able to negotiate lower prices. As prices continue to drop, these lower prices are disappearing, and despite a dearth of new construction units, residential and commercial property values are still strong.

Most lenders are still offering very attractive rates in this market because their only viable alternative is to accept fewer loans. Low-interest rates and a record number of foreclosures allow low or no-down-payment loans. Thus, low-rate mortgages and rates are still available!

Real estate market in Vancouver



Acquisitions and new construction, at many financing options, are leading some investors out of the housing market. Real estate investment firms and banking, whoever your choice is, we recommend you review your crystal ball. If you feel house prices are prospects to remain fairly lower year-to-year, retail investors can still benefit from some of today’s best financing deals. Finance options for new home construction also represent minimizing capital gains taxes as long as the sales prices don’t surpass the assessed value of the home.

Regardless of what you’re planning for, if you’re planning to build in Vancouver it’s a great time to buy. To the immediate contend, the success of the entire justices real estate development project consists of retail/office space, new accessible employment, and parking. The projected price of the appraisal will be in the mid to upper region loved by purchasers.